5 Last-Minute Christmas Card Ideas

I truly understand if you are procrastinating when picking up a card for Christmas. The buying season can be stressful. The traffic, stores are crowded and long lines at the checkout. I don’t like that too. But, sometimes procrastinating is rewarding. You get the best deal when you wait.

But, why wait though? There are so many ideas on how to make last minute Christmas cards. If you have basic school or office supplies, you can create a lot of them even a few hours before Christmas. Each card takes only 3-5 minutes of work. Feel free to add some of your styles.

Hopefully next holiday, I would be able to share more of these.


  • Card Stock, any color
  • Permanent markers (thick and thin point), your favorite colors
  • Sequins, colors of your choice
  • Letter stickers
  • Glue
  • Twizzer (optional)
  • Paper towels
  • Ink pads, any color
  • Shimmer organza ribbon, any color
  • Glitter star sticker, any color
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Masking tape

1. Merry & Bright Christmas Card. Using permanent markers, made a shading starting from the top left to bottom in a slanted direction as the background. After that, col the letter stickers with green permanent markers and stick them horizontally on top of the card. Then, glue some star sequins to add more colors to the card.last minute christmas card idea 1

2. Merry Christmas Card. Crumpled the paper towels and pat it on the ink pads then dab it onto the card to create a textured-look background. When you’re satisfied with the look, write the word “Merry Christmas in the middle.last minute christmas card idea 2

3. The Hanging Stars Christmas Card. Use a ruler to make several short and long vertical lines from top to bottom or the other way around, whichever you prefer.  Then, draw stars on the bottom of the lines, to make it looked like the stars are hanging. Use ruler again to draw a rectangle with concave angles on both sides. Write “Happy Holidays” inside the shape.last minute christmas card idea 3

4. The Shimmery Christmas Tree Card. Use a shimmer organza ribbon to make a tree. Simple cut the desired length and form it a triangle. Place a gold star sticker on top of it and draw a base in the middle of the lower part of the ribbon.last minute christmas card idea 4

5. The Dotted Season Greetings Christmas Card. Use the holes of the ruler to trace and black out the circles for the background. Then, write “Season Greetings”.last minute christmas card idea 5

That’s it! Until next season. Happy crafting!

Watch the video:

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