Hello guys! I’m Aimee. Here’s a little read about me…

I learned to craft when I was young but didn’t get serious creating until 2007—when my husband brought me to a craft store and said; “Hun, you need a hobby.” Right there, I bought a lot of beads and started beading. But, I did not limit myself from creating. I know I can create more and expanded and learn more do-it-yourself crafts. Day by day I am becoming more creative and continuing to discover the beauty of crafting. So finally, I decided to make this craft blog so I can share the joy of creating.

I have no post schedule because of my busy schedule. I just encourage you to check this blog once in a while for new projects or subscribe below the page so you’ll get notified when I add new posts. You can also follow me in my social media to see behind the scenes and other updates.

Sharing creative ideas. Creativity is free. It has no limits. Just explore your imagination and discover what your mind and hands can do. That is the beauty of crafting.

Happy crafting!