Chalk Finish Flower Vase

Hello guys. Almost every week I visit craft stores just to look around (yeah right). Sometimes, you know, you go there and just browse and find yourself grabbing the cart. Right? As far as I can remember, I have never come out empty-handed from any craft stores. 😀

Just like today, I went to Hobby Lobby just to look around, but end up getting this paint. I got it because it’s on sale. This is a glass paint with chalky finish.

If you want to know where I got the glass, I bought it from the Dollar store. I could not show you the unpainted one because I accidentally deleted the photos days ago. I think, it’s a beer or wine glass. I only bought one, so I cannot redo the photos. 🙁 Anyway, you should find the same glass at any stores with craft supplies.

I painted two coats on the glass using synthetic brush with filbert shape and let it dry for 4 days. Baked for 30 minutes. Make sure to read the rest of the instructions on the back of the label. The ultra matte finish look is perfect decoration for vintage-themed house or room.

I decided to make this glass as a flower vase because I have so many flowers and I needed a vase for them.

That’s it and have a great day!

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