Decorative Plastic Bottles with Lights

Here’s one creative idea on how to recycle plastic water bottles. This can be displayed indoors or outdoors. If you’re planning to put it outside, make sure you use an outdoor paint. Making a lot of these would make the surrounding magical.

Feel free to use other paint colors. Also, there are other LED lights at the store in different colors if you want to use them instead. They look amazing, especially during the holidays.


  • 18 or more empty water plastic bottles
  • Clear glass jar
  • Metallic acrylic paint
  • Craft knife
  • White accent rocks
  • LED cork lights-safe/gloss
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sponge brush
  • Paper plate or cardboard
  • Puffy paint, 3 colors
  • Scissor

1. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottles from the first line.
2. Paint the bottles and the jar with metallic paint. Let them dry.
3. Paint the bottom cut part of the bottles with puffy paint. 6 bottles each color.
4. Dry them upside down.
5. Cut them in thin vertical strips, at least a quarter thick.
6. Apply glue on the mouth or opening of the bottle and place it in the middle of the jar. Let it completely adhere before moving.

7. Fill the corners of the vase with white accent stones.
8. Continue stacking up another layer of bottles until you use them all.
9. Insert the cork light on top.
10. Turn off and on the light whenever you want to.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy this project. Happy crafting!

Watch the video:

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