DIY 6 Loops Flower Ribbon

Little girls are not the only ones who love ribbons, adults too. I love ribbons but they are not my favorite to craft. When I started crafting, I just thought I would never make ribbons because when I look at them, they seem very hard to make, especially when there are lots of colors and embellishment attached to it. It’s just too complicated for me.

Until I tried… I might as well make something from it, right? I got more than 10 rolls of ribbon now.

Making this ribbon has been extremely fun. I always find a way to simplify things especially when it comes to crafting. I was not actually planning on making a ribbon. I was just piling craft supplies together when I discovered this accidentally. Then I stopped experimenting that day and kept going on making this flower ribbon.


  • 3 pieces ribbons, 6 inches each
  • 1 piece round felt, quarter size
  • Flower buttons or any embellishment(s)
  • Threaded needle
  • 2 pieces paper clips
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissor

Before starting this project, make sure to seal the ends of the ribbons. You can use a lighter or a Fray Check to seal the seam. To make the round felt, simply use a quarter and outline it, then cut with a scissor.

1. Stack the ribbons on top of each other and flatten them.
2. Insert the paper clips on both ends.
3. Fold it in half and make sure all the length of the ribbons are equal.
4. Insert the threaded needle from the center back through the top.
5. Lay the ribbons on the table and arrange them like an asterisk.
6. Thread the needle going back to the backside of the ribbons.

7. Start threading all ribbons on their ends and bring them to the middle. Arrange all the loops in an equal distance before you sew it tight. Stitch the center a few times to prevent the ribbons from switching.
8. Place the flower buttons or embellishment on the center top. Sew a few times and end thread on the backside.

9. Apply glue on the center back of the ribbon and place the round felt. Press tight to adhere better.

You can attach the back of the ribbon by gluing to hair accessories, apparel, gifts, crafts and other stuff.

Please take precaution when working with the hot glue gun. It could burn your skin when in direct contact. Also, be careful when using the needle. Be aware not to misplace it. It’s sharp and painful when it pricks your skin.

I hope you like this tutorial. Don’t forget to post your suggestions or questions in the comment section below. Until then. Happy crafting!

Watch the video:

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