DIY: Christmas Decor Glitter Jars

I made these jars for Christmas because it’s almost the time of the year and what better way to give someone who has almost everything is handmade. Of course, you can customize these according to your liking. If you like glitter and modern-looking decorations and accents, you’re gonna want to try this idea. I had fun making these and I hope you too.


    • Glass jars
    • Mod Podge (sparkle)
    • White, royal blue and neon pink glitters
    • White, royal blue or navy and neon pink puffy paint
    • Quickstik
    • Silver star sequins
    • Fine paint brush
    • Small empty container

1. Pour some sparkle Mod Podge into the empty container. Grab the brush and start coating the surface of the jar then dry. While it’s drying, wash the container and the brush for next use.
2. Pour a moderate amount of Mod Podge into the container then follow up with royal blue puffy paint and royal blue glitter. Mix well. If you think the color is not vibrant enough, add more puffy paint to achieve the blue color.
3. Start brushing the jar again with the mixture. Try to use all the paint on the jar.
4. While the jar is still wet, use Quickstik to pick and place the star sequins. Then dry up to 2-3 hours. Again, while drying, clean up the brush and the container.
5. Apply a top coat to seal the pointy and sharp edges of the stars. Then, dry an hour.
6. Make the remaining two jars and repeat the same process.

You might have to adjust the drying time if your application is too thick. Lightly touch the jar with the tip of your finger before picking it up. I also recommend using fine glitter for a better sparkling result.

Use a mask if you don’t like the smell of the Sparkle Mod Podge. You might want to work near to a window where there’s fresh air coming in.

Watch the video.

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