DIY Cloverleaf Can Cooler For Saint Patrick’s Day

Hello fellow crafters! Today, I am sharing a personalized koozie tutorial for Saint Patrick’s Day. This is great for party or for gift giving and very lightweight, so you can easily grab this and put in your pocket or purse.

– White blank koozie
– Puffy paints (neon green and gold glitter)


1. Draw a cloverleaf with neon green puffy paint. Tip: Draw 3 hearts connected to each other and put a stem starting at the middle tips of the hearts downwards. Then, divide the center of each heart with light lines.
2. Make square linear dots on the four edges of the koozie.
3. Fill all the blank space inside the cloverleaf with gold glitter.
4. Dot all the remaining blank space inside the square dots.
5. Dry for 3-4 hours. The puffy paint will turn into gold glitter when it’s dry. Repeat the same steps if you want to decorate the other side of the koozie. You can also put any name or words on the blank side if you want to.

So there you go. Your personalized koozie is ready. Insert your favorite beer and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

What do you think of this tutorial? Let me know by commenting below. Suggestions are welcome.

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