DIY: Colorful Snowflakes

Christmas is the season where you get creative the most. Aside from gifts, a lot of us think of making Christmas decorations first. Today, I came up with making colorful snowflakes using chenille stems. These are very easy to make.


  • Chenille Stems (any color). I used white, green, neon orange, neon yellow and purple colors.
  • Scissor or wire cutter
  • Cut out round and stars glitter cardstock (any size). I used the quarter and dollar coins size.
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter nail polish (any color)
  • Ruler

1. Using the ruler as a guide, cut (8) 2 inches, (4) 1.5 inches and (4) 1 inch of chenille stems.
2. Glue horizontally a piece of 2 inch stem on the center. Start placing from the right side. Then follow-up with the left side, up and down, forming like a cross. Use all 2 inches until you form a criss-cross.
3. Place all of (4) 1.5 inches stems in between the 2 inches.
4. Place all the 1 inch in between of the 2 and 1.5 inches stems.
5. When all the stems are put together in the right places, it should be already formed like a snowflake. See the image below.
6. Glue the round glitter on the center and trim the fuzzies of the tips.

7. Start applying all the tips of the stems with nail polish.
8. Apply the top part of the stems with glitter nail polish.
9. Dry. Then apply the other side, repeating step 7-8 and dry again.
10. Glue the glitter star onto the top of the round glitter.

Feel free to use any color and size of the following materials and supplies. I tried using different color combinations to make it look more festive.

Watch the video:

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