DIY Copy Paper Notebook

Hey guys. Today’s tutorial is a do-it-yourself notebook with printer papers. I learned to make this during the 80’s as my sketch pad because I like to draw when I was young.

– 10 Pieces (or more) printer paper
– 1 Piece Card Stock paper (any color)
– 1 Scrapbook paper
– Glue
– Scissor or Paper cutter
– Pencil
– Ruler (optional)


1. Cut all the printer papers into halves. You can either fold the papers or use the pencil and ruler to draw a line in the center to cut them straight.
2. Draw an outline of the Card Stock on the back of the Scrapbook paper and then cut it.
3. Cut both Card Stock and Scrapbook paper into halves.
4. Glue the Scrapbook papers on to the Card Stock. These will be the covers of the notebook.
5. Start making the sheets or pages of the notebook. Wipe glue (length direction) from top to bottom on the edge of the paper.

Tip: Before starting Step 6, make sure that the manufacturer’s cut is the flipping side. If you used a scissor on cutting, the scissor’s cut has to be on the binding or glue side.

6. After you wiped the glue, put one sheet on the top and lift it upwards to even or equal all the sheets.
7. When the sheets are all equal, go ahead and press it to glue. Repeat this process until you finish the notebook.
8. After you glue all the sheets, do the covers using the same Steps 5-7.

Done! Your notebook is ready.

Let me know what you think of this craft project by commenting below. See you on the next tutorial!

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