DIY Desk Decor – Be Happy Inspiration Quote

Hi guys! I have something quick today, I promise! I have so many ideas but too little time. So, I had to do this before it disappears from my thoughts because sometimes I get distracted of other stuff too.

Two days ago, I was organizing in our little office/craft room and found a lot of office supplies. The unopened pack of sharpie and sticky letters caught my eyes and I immediately know what to do with them. This sticker is very affordable at the craft store. Head to the store now and let’s get this started.


  • Peel and Stick Letters (Helvetica font)
  • Scissor
  • Pen
  • Glittered Adhesive Foam Sheet. (Pink or any color of your choice.)
  • Sharpies ( 7 colors for “Be Happy” Letters)
  • 6x5x0.13 inches rectangle plywood

1. Color each letter differently.
2. Use a pen to measure the plywood on the back side of the glittered adhesive foam sheet.
3. Cut the lines using the scissor.
4. Peel off adhesive backing.
5. Place the adhesive foam sheet to the plywood. Make sure you’re sticking it on the smooth side.
6. Trim the excess adhesive foam sheet (if there is any).
7. Peel off the letters.
8. Place them unaligned. If the letters are not sticky enough, use transparent glue.
9. Done. Place it anywhere you want.

Easy and fun, right? You can make this for your friend, family or colleagues. I’m sure they will be very happy to receive this. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Watch the video:

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