DIY Flower Ribbon From Old Shirt

Hey guys. This project is kind of similar from the flowers I made from the previous diy. But, this one uses other supplies and materials and with a different kind of beauty.

If you have a lot of old t-shirts lying around, you can use a spare one for this project. You can make a lot of flowers with one t-shirt and use them to embellish hair accessories, apparel, bottles, stationary and a lot more.

– White t-shirt (use cotton so it won’t fray)
– Gold Glitter Puffy Paint
– 18 inches ruler
– Fabric markers (purple, orange, pink)
– Needle (threaded with white)
– Scissor


1. Make an outline of the ruler. The line on the top must be bold or thick. Since orange is a lighter color, mark the line couple times so you get that bold/thick look.
2. Cut the outline using the scissors. Cut over the top of the bold line.

3. Fill the cloth with dots using the 3 fabric markers.
4. Sew the bottom part. Stitch from right to left.
5. Then slide the cloth to the right side to wrinkle it. Compress it as much as you can.

6. Round the cloth to form a flower.
7. Connect both ends by sewing from the base. If there is a hole in the center, seal it by stitching. Always end the stitch at the back so the thread is not visible on the top or front.
8. Open the gold glitter puffy paint and form a round clot in the center. Apply slowly. It will be the embellishment. It’s murky when wet, but it will turn gold glitter once it’s dry.

Tip: If you want to double the layers of the flower, just add another 18 inches of measurement at the beginning (Step 1) of this tutorial. You can also use different t-shirt color and fabric marker colors.

Watch the video:

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