DIY Frosted Sea Glass Wine Bottle

Hello guys. Here’s another tutorial for those empty wine bottles. Although, making this is kinda messy because of the fine glitter I used, I loved how it turned out. It created a sea glass look.

In this tutorial we need the following supplies:
– Empty wine bottle
– Mod Podge (matte-yellow)
– Fine Glitter (aqua or turquoise)
– Scissor
– Ribbon (curling)
– Sponge/Brush
– Paper plate or cardboard


1. Cut the ribbon in a diagonal angle. Cut as many as you can.
2. Apply the Mod Podge on the bottle using the sponge or brush.
3. Start placing the ribbon cuts on top of the coated bottle. Put them less than an inch apart.
4. After you put them all on the bottle, apply a top coat of Mod Podge to seal.
5. Let it dry.
6. When it’s dry, start applying the Mod Podge glue again by dabbing using the edge/tip of the sponge.

7. Pour glitter on top of the fresh glue.
8. After pouring the glitter, wait for it to dry.
9. Apply top coat Mod Podge glue again all over the bottle to seal the glitter. Then dry.
10. Remove excess glitter on the bottle by brushing it off slightly using the sponge.

With the sea glass look, it would make a nice centerpiece to a beach-themed room.

Let me know what you think of this project by commenting below.

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