DIY Glitter Hearts Valentine Card

Hey guys. Aside from being pretty, this homemade Valentine card tutorial is really easy. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Yay.

Anyway, I am using a weeded out glitter vinyl. Instead of throwing it away, I kept it because I know I can create something from it. T-shirt vinyls can be found at the craft stores.

– Pink Glitter Vinyl (sticky backing removed/weeded out)
– Mod Podge (yellow)
– 1 Piece Card Stock
– Sharpies (Red, Orange, Pink)
– Brush
– Scissor
– Ruler


1. Fold Card Stock in half.
2. Place the ruler on the edge of the Card Stock and measure 0.25 inches.
3. Draw outer lines on 4 edges to form a rectangle. Used red Sharpie first.
4. Make 2 more rectangles by repeating Step 2. Use orange and pink Sharpies.
5. Cut the glitter vinyl into different heart sizes. I cut out 10 hearts.
6. Pick the biggest heart and brush Mod Podge on the back of the glitter vinyl. Then, place it in the center. Experiment the placement before you apply glue to all of them.

7. After you put all the hearts on top of the Card stock, start dotting the blank spaces. Use all the sharpies alternately.

I know I made this one, but I will still compliment. It’s lovely. Probably because of the glitter vinyl. Don’t worry the glitter vinyl did not come off from the paper.

So, what do you think? If you made one, don’t hesitate to share or suggest. Use the comment section below.

Thank you for your time. Happy heart-ing!

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