DIY Glitter Wine Bottle Display

Hey folks! Here’s another project idea for wine bottles. I tried using mod podge fabric (blue) if holds the glitter perfectly. I am happy with the result. It turned out really good. Great for wedding display, birthdays or just for home decor. I have provided an easy to follow video tutorial below.


  • Mod Podge, blue/fabric
  • Empty wine bottle
  • Bubble Gum Pink glitter
  • Purple glitter, for glass
  • Sponge brush
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paper plate or rug

1. Place a painter’s tape around the glass approximately 7 inches from the base.
2. Use the paintbrush to apply Mod Podge around the lower part of the bottle. Brush at least a 2-3 coats.
3. Sprinkle the glitters while the Mod Podge is still wet. Sprinkle as much as you can.
4. Use the sponge brush to dab and smoothen or flatten the glitters. Try to fill the area with less glitter. Then, brush off the excess glitter. Let it dry for at least 2 hrs.
5. Peel the painter’s tape. Use the purple glitter glue and start drawing on the blank part with hearts and lines around the neck of the bottle. Squeeze dots on top of the glitter area. Dry for an hour or two.

You see, working with glitter is a mess. Make sure you don’t have any glitter on your hands before touching your eyes or food.

Let me know what you think. Use the comment section below for suggestions or comments. See you next!

Watch the video:

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