Hello Greeting Card Using Puffy Paints

How to make a greeting card with puffy paints? Have you ever wonder if you can use these paints on paper? Yes, you can! These cute and colorful paints have been my favorite since I have tried them. I have used them on almost anything and I’m always pleased with the result.

If you’re just starting to make cards and wants to find an alternative to watercolor or crayon, try puffy paint. It’s great to work with and you can do a lot with it!


  • 1 purple cardstock or any color
  • Puffy paints, any color (I used neon pink, gold glitter, and neon green)


  1. Fold the cardstock horizontally in half.
  2. Shake the gold glitter. Make a line of dots on all edges of the card.
  3. Use the neon green paint to repeat the same process for the small frame under the gold frame.
  4. Let it dry completely, usually within 2 hours. The gold paint will turn into bright gold when it is dry.
  5. Use the neon pink paint to write the word “Hello” and heart shape in the middle. Dry.

Before you start to paint, relax your arm or fingers. If you’re feeling stiff, stop and take a break so you can rest your arm. Also, feel free to write and draw something else. The pointy tip of the puffy paint container makes it easier to make figures.

hello greeting card puffy paints

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