DIY Jars with Puffy Paints

Have you ever used puffy paints on your craft projects? If yes, then, we can all agree that they are easy to work with…and fun – of course! Plus, they have a silky and smooth texture when dry. They are going to be my favorite and will probably be used often on all of my crafts.

In this project, I used three colors: neon green, neon yellow and neon pink.


  • Puffy paints, any 3 colors
  • 2 pieces Jars

Before using the puffy paints, shake them first. I made the first jar with crooked lines. I used neon green around the jars with half an inch spacing. Then, I alternated using neon pink and neon yellow (in order). But, you can also compress the spacing if you want. The same pattern with the second jar, except that, I used dots. Dry them both for at least 2 hours.

Do not hesitate to be creative. You can use other strokes, figures, letters or numbers. It’s even better if you can draw. Use your gift and talent. You can put anything in it after you make them. They make gorgeous centerpieces.

I hope you like this tutorial. Let me know what you think on the comment section below. Happy crafting.

Watch the video:

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