DIY Mini Flower Ribbon

Hello everyone! This mini flower ribbon tutorial is very easy and fast. You’ll finish this one in less than 10 minutes.

Tip: If you don’t have all the supplies available, you can always use alternatives. You can use embellishment from your old clothes and make it a substitute on the flower buttons.

– 8 inches ribbon
– 2 Flowers buttons (medium and large)
– 1 Mini button
– Threaded needle
– Scissor
– Paper clip


1. Cut ribbon into four or 2 inches each.
2. Stack them all together. Fold horizontally and insert the ribbons to the paper clip so it will not lose when cutting.
3. Cut both ends in an angle. If you don’t want them to fray, use a fray check or lighter to seal the edges.
4. Put all of them on top of each other, forming a double criss-cross. Make sure the angles of the edges are in an alternate pattern.

5. Place the flower buttons on the center. The large flower must be under the medium one. Then, put the mini button on the top. Prick the needle on the middle back and start sewing them all together.
6. Use the hot glue gun to attach it hair clips, apparel, stationery, etc.

And, that’s it! Let me know what do you think about this tutorial by commenting below.

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