DIY Mouse Pad Heart Art

I still have some blank mouse pad lying around. While I was looking at them, I just can’t help not to use them. My imagination kicked in and sure enough, I had to gather all my crafting supplies because I know I can transform and give a colorful life on this boring object.

This diy only takes less than five minutes if you continuously do it. I hope you’ll have a good time doing this.


  • Tissue papers
  • Blank white neoprene mouse pad
  • Acid-free pigment ink pad (3 colors of your choice)
  • Heart-shaped wood stamp

1. Use a sheet or two of paper towel and crumpled it. Lightly dab it on the first ink pad you want to use then dab it onto the entire mouse pad.
2. Repeat the first step using the second ink.
3. Use the third color and finish dabbing the entire mouse pad. You can stop after this step because for sure, it looks good already. But for me, I want to add shapes.
4. Use the heart-shaped wooden stamp, dab it onto the first color you want to use.
5. Then stamp it onto the mouse pad. Press hard.
6. Use the two ink colors alternatively until you fill the mouse pad with hearts. Dry completely before using or use a hair dryer to dry faster.

You can also use dark ink colors for dabbing the bottom layers and use the neon colors for the heart shapes. The contrast will even make the art more attractive.

Watch the video:

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