DIY Personalized Notebooks

It doesn’t need to be back to school season to share a tutorial on how to make a notebook. In fact, some schools already start their Spring Breaks. But, you can still come back and save this tutorial, right? This won’t go anywhere. It will always be here when you come back from your school vacation. So, before you buy a lot of notebooks later, buy supplies instead so you can make some cute notebooks. The supplies are not expensive. And, the best thing is, you can personalize them.

These DIY notebooks are very useful as journals, planners, lesson plans and even drawing or sketch pads. Make sure to read the “tips” below. Who doesn’t love these, really? Aside from being easy and fast, this will also be a fun experience for you. So, let’s get started.


  • Copy papers, any quantity
  • Cardstock, any color
  • 10 pieces round brads, any colors
  • Stickers or Embellishments
  • 2 Paper clips
  • Hole punch
  • Scissor

1. Fold all the copy papers into horizontal halves.
2. Fold also the cardstock into half and cut the center using the scissor.
3. Take 2 folded papers and align them and clip the sheets so it won’t move or slide. Then punch holes near the edge of the folded area. I created at least 10 holes. Set aside the finished ones.
4. Take one finished sheet with holes and place it on the top of the next copy papers as a guide for punching holes. Insert the paper clips again to prevent the papers from sliding.
5. Insert the brads through the holes and spread out the prongs on the backside to secure the sheets.

6. Decorate the top cover with stickers, embellishments or write a personalized text.

I punched 10 holes on the regular size notebook. But, you can make it 8 holes or less if you don’t want the prongs at back touching each other. Also, if you don’t like how the prongs feel at the backside, you can cover them with clear tape. To make the small notebook, simply fold the copy papers and the cardstock into fourths, then cut. No need to cut the papers to make a sketch or large notebook.

I hope you like this tutorial. Please share your opinions by commenting below.

Watch the video:

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