DIY Ribbon Flower For Accessories and Embellishment

Hello guys! Here’s another easy and fun project I’m going to share with you. These handmade flowers made with ribbon are so cute. In fact, I made more than I usually do. This can be used for embellishing hair accessories, gift wrapping, apparel, wreaths and many more.

– Rolled Organza Ribbon (Turquoise)
– Puffy Paints (Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink)
– Red Ruby Embellish
– Threaded Needle (i suggest using the same color as the ribbon)
– Lighter or Fray Check
– Scissor
– Hot Glue Gun
– Plastic Lid or Glass (at least 2×12 inches)
– Ruler


1. Cut 12 inches of ribbon. Use the ruler as a guide.
2. Seal the edges of the ribbon using the lighter. You can also use Fray Check if you have one.
3. Place the ribbon on top of the plastic lid or glass and start dotting using the puffy paints. Use all colors. Squeeze the bottles very lightly so you only get a small amount of paint. Also, do not use cardboard or paper under the ribbon because the papers will stick to the ribbon when you remove them later.
4. Let the paint dry completely. Usually an hour.

5. Carefully remove the dotted ribbon from the plastic lid.
6. Stitch the ribbon on the bottom lining area. Use running stitch. Start from the right.
7. Using your thumb and index finger, carefully slide or push the ribbon to the right side of the thread.
8. Connect both ends by stitching them at the back of the ribbon.

9. If there is a hole visible in the middle, sew it to close.
10. Put glue on the center.
11. Remove the sticky backing of the embellish before placing it on top of the glue because it will not stick for long.

You can attach a hair clip on the bottom if you want to it as a hair accessory or you can also attach a double-sided tape of you wish to use it for embellishments such as gift ribbon, clothing accessories or for craft attachments.

See, it’s really easy. I had so much fun making this, so I made more. Aren’t they cute?

Let me know what you think of this tutorial by commenting below. Happy flowering!

Watch the video:

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