DIY Saint Patrick’s Day Beer Glass With Dishwasher-Safe Paint

For those who celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and looking to make a custom or personalized beer glass for gifting or personal use, you can try doing this tutorial. This is very simple and easy. If you can’t buy this paint at the craft store, you can definitely order online.

– Beer Glass/Mug
– 3D Gloss Enamel Writer Paint


Write “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!” on the glass. Because of the round form of the glass, first timers might find this difficult and uncomfortable writing or painting on the glass. What you can do is practice painting slowly without squeezing the bottle. Then, when you think you are ready to write, do it very slow. You can take a pause once in a while. If you make a mistake, you can still erase them while the paint is wet. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to erase. Make sure the surface of the glass is clean and smooth before applying the paint again. Dry for 48 hours. Bake 30 minutes at 200°F in a non-preheated oven. You can read the rest of the instructions on the back label.

I like how the long pointy tip of this paint. Perfect for writing and the color also is just perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day theme.

The quality is great! I love the shiny and smooth texture.

So, what do you think? Let me know how you did. Feel free to ask questions give suggestions on the comment section below.

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