DIY Wall Decor Button Hearts

Hello crafty people! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to do this. Trust me, this is really easy to follow…just like most of my tutorials. I have also provided the video tutorial below.

I know I wanted to make something Valentine theme. I have played with the available supplies I have and this is what I came up with.

Materials needed for this project:
– Foam Sheet (Cyan)
– Glittered Foam (Pink)
– Heart-shaped bowl or heart cutout cardboard paper
– Circle Plywood or any circle object for rounding (10 x 0.13 inches)
– Heart buttons (red and pink colors)
– Leaves and flowers (plastics)
– Hot glue gun
– Scissor
– Pen
– Hole puncher (optional)


1. Draw a circle on top of the foam sheet using the round plywood.
2. Cut and set aside.
3. Draw a heart on top of the glitter foam sheet using the heart-shaped bowl glass.
4. Cut.
5. Grab the circle/round foam sheet and put the heart glittered foam sheet on top of it. Place on the center then, peel the adhesive backing.
6. Using the hot glue gun, start placing the heart buttons on top of the glittered foam sheet. Don’t put them too far apart. It looks better when they’re a bit close to each other.

7. Place the plastic flowers and leaves around the heart using the hot glue gun.
8. This is optional. You can either punch holes on top of the foam if you want to hang it or you can pin/thumbtacks it on the wall—just like what I did.

That’s it! I hope you like this tutorial. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Watch the video:

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