DIY Wall Hanging Heart

Today is the first day of Love Month and I’m making a homemade heart for Valentine’s Day. Making this can be time-consuming but it’s worth it. This is a great display at home, schools, stores or restaurants especially if you make a bunch of these.

– 12×12 Cardboard or sturdy paper
– Cutout heart (9×11)
– Rolled Crepe Papers (Red and Yellow)
– Glue
– Twine
– Scissor
– Hole Punch
– Pencils (used and unsharpened)


1. Outline a heart on the cardboard using the cutout heart then cut it.
2. Punch a small hole in the center top of the heart using the hole punch.
3. Insert the twine on the hole and tie it (Lark’s Head Knot).

4. Cut the crepe papers into squares. Don’t cut too much yellows, you don’t need that much.

5. Place the unsharpened pencil in the center of the square cut crepe paper. You can also use the eraser if it is not worn out, but it is best if you use the flat end (unsharpened).
6. Using your thumb, index and middle finger, push the paper upward to fold, then twist the pencil to wrap the crepe paper on the pencil.

7. Apply glue on the tip.
8. Glue it on the top of the heart cardboard using upward direction. Then pull up the pencil. Continue gluing them close to each other (Step 8a).

9. Place 5 counts of yellows every 2-3 inches apart.

They should look like this close-up.

I spent almost 3 hours making this with occasional breaks. It’s still worth the time because it looks lovely and I think I’m making this again but mixing with something else.

Tip: If you want to hang this on the ceiling. It is best to decorate also the other side because this will rotate and it’s going to look weird if it’s not decorated back to back.

Let me know what you think by commenting below. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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