DIY: Winterberry Holly Centerpiece

I love winterberry or some called them holly berry. Because of their popping bright color, they make a gorgeous addition to any floral arrangements. Since these are artificial flowers/branches, they will not wilt or dry. It will always be good until you decide to keep them.


  • White and green floral stems
  • Empty wine bottle
  • Empty small container
  • Mod Podge
  • Extra fine glitter, any color
  • Paint brush
  • Red-glittered styrofoam pebbles
  • Berry or glass beads
  • Small white pom pom
  • Glitter glue, any color
  • Glue gun

1. Pour a moderate amount of mod podge and glitter into the empty container. Mix well.
2. Using the brush, apply the mixture on the entire bottle then dry.
3. Seal the glitter on the bottle by applying a thin coat of mod podge.
4. Grab the floral wire and apply a small amount of glue on the tip. The glue will be a stopper.
5. Start inserting the beads on the other end. Leave half or 3/4 of the stem for inserting into the bottle.

6. Use the white floral stem for the red winterberry. Apply hot glue around the stem about half an inch from the tip of the stem.
7. The spacing should be up to you. I put the red pebbles on bunches with half, one, and two inches.
8. This one, I put the pebbles half way down and leave the rest as a stem.
9. Repeat step 6. If you want the distance closer to each other, you can do that too.
10. Use painting brush to apply glitter on the pom poms. Then dry.

The glue gun is hot. If you cannot tolerate the heat or to avoid of being scald, use a tweezer for picking up the pebbles or use other fast-drying glue.

Watch the video:

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