Dotted Mousepad

Have you tried designing your own mouse pad? Well, I did. This dotted mousepad is a fun craft idea for teens and pre-teens or even adult. It is very simple and of course, easy. I think it’s a nice idea to transform a plain mousepad and I love the result. We have a bundle of blank mouse pads for sublimation printing and I had to use one for me because my old one is dirty. Besides, I was curious if my idea will work. And..yes, it did! 😉

This project is super fast. You’ll be done in 5 minutes.


  • White blank mouse pad (polyester)
  • Ruler
  • Sharpies, any colors

dotted mousepad supplies

1. Place the ruler on top of the mouse pad and start shading inside the bigger circle using different colors alternately. If you want the circle bigger, simply shade it a little bit longer so the ink spreads out.

dotted mousepad steps1

2. You can also use one color at a time and clean the inside of the circle so that the colors won’t stain and mix on your next application. When you’re done shading the mouse pad, let it dry for an hour or two before using.dotted mousepad steps2

That’s it! Very easy and looks nice, isn’t it? Happy crafting!

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