Easy DIY Copy Paper Christmas Trees

Christmas is coming up. It’s only a few days away. If you are procrastinating, take a look on these Christmas trees. They are made of copy paper and cardstock and very fast to make, great for small spaces and doesn’t cost a lot of money.


  • Sheets of copy papers
  • Pre-made white cardstock cone
  • Scalloped wavy-edge scissor
  • Regular scissor
  • Christmas tree star toppers
  • Green and multi-color glitter
  • Clear glue and paper glue
  • Wax paper (at least 12 x 12 inches) or paper plate
  • Styrofoam
  • Stick

1. Make 1.5 inches horizontal fold of copy papers. Cut a bunch of folds or strips using the regular scissor. The last fold on the end should be around an inch, you need to set one piece aside. Note: Always work on the small strip first.
2. Start trimming the small strip. Leave at least a quarter inch of uncut strip, for 1.5 strips, leave an inch. (2a) Use the stick to curl the trim.
3. Use the stick to wipe glue on the uncut part, from top to bottom of the strip. (3a) Make sure to cut a small hole on top of the cone for the star. Then, wrap the small strip on top of it.

4. Grab the paper plate or wax paper to mix the clear glue and glitter. Use the stick to mix.
5. Dip and roll the Christmas tree on the mixture. Don’t put too much pressure when rolling. Keep dipping until you get the desired amount of glitter. Add glue and glitter on the mixture if you need more.
6. Apply the base of the Christmas with the mixture. Set aside and dry.
7. While drying, paint the front and back of the star stopper, with the matching glitter color of the Christmas tree.
8. Stick it on the styrofoam to dry.
9. When the star is dry, insert it on the hole at the top of the cone.

The Christmas tree is 9 inches tall, not including the star topper. If you want to make a bigger one, you can use a poster board. Feel free also to use other colors and alternative supplies.

Watch the video below if you don’t like reading 😀

Watch the video:

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