Easy DIY Headband Decoration with Pom Poms

Hello, everyone! I know this is very easy but, for me, this is a memorable start. I love creating stuff since I can remember, but did not really think of making a video to share until I made this one. So, please just let me include this in my blog.  No complicated instructions. Just watch my hand do the work. 😀

This is perfect for kids, pre-teens or teens because they like colorful stuff specially when it comes to fashion. You can also make this for parties and giveaways. The supplies are very inexpensive, so no worries, it won’t break your wallet.

This project uses hot glue gun. Don’t let small kids do this without the adult’s supervision. The hot glue gun is really hot. I am an adult and it hurts me every time the hot glue touches my skin. So, be careful when using the glue gun.


  • Plain headband
  • Medium pom poms (your favorite colors, of course!)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Start to glue the pom poms 2 inches from one side of the ear loop.
  2. Glue the pom poms alternately by colors. Also leave off 2 inches on the other side of the ear loop.

It looks better if you use 3 colors as you can see in the video. But, still up to you.

That’s it pretty much! Easy peasy, isn’t it? You can make 20 pieces of these in 30 minutes, if you don’t take a break.

Until next time. Happy crafting!

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