Easy Technique On How To Make A Flower Bow Out Of Ribbon

Hello everyone! Last Christmas, there were lots of ribbons on sale in Hobby Lobby. So, I decided to get I think 10 rolls. Too much? Nah. Not even close compared to my Crafter friends! 😀 But hey, they’re like 50-70% off. Who can resist, right? Especially if you’re addicted to crafting…like me! They’re sure going to last a little while. Good thing though, because I do not want to run out when I need them and I can experiment my next project anytime. So today, I’m sharing with you this easy technique of making a flower bow.

Supplies we need for this project:
– Ribbon (double-faced)
– Scissor
– Hot glue gun
– Pompom (medium)
– Ruler (optional)
– Threaded needle
– Scotch or clear tape

1. Start to fold the ribbon at 6 inches or more. Lay it on the table and begin folding it on a zigzag pattern. The longest part of the ribbon at the beginning is the tail of the bow. So, always allow for adjustment if you want a longer or shorter tail.
2. Put the tape in between spaces of the fold so it’s easier for you to work on the pattern.

3. Make a horizontal zigzag with 6 counts of tops. These tops will be the bow loops later.
4. Hand sew them on the bottom starting from the right, crossing across to the left and remove the tapes on the top.

5. Start sliding your thumb and index finger on the ribbon to the right to compress them.
6. Make sure you compress them enough. Otherwise, there will be a big hole in the center.
7. Connect both ends by sewing them to the back part of the ribbon. Thread them tightly so they won’t break loose.
8. Cut each tail on an angle.

9. Add a piece of pom pom as adornment. You can also use embellishment.
10. Glue it in the center. The ribbon looks better with decoration or adornment on the center and it hides the sewn part at the same time.

And there you have it. I hope you like this tutorial. Please let me know what you think by commenting. You can also watch the video below.

Watch the video:

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