Fastest Way To Make A Bunch of Mini Pom Poms

Hello, again my fellow crafters. I’m sharing a clever way on how to make pom poms in bulk. If you have handles like mine in your kitchen cabinets, then you can easily make hundreds of pom poms in an hour. If you don’t have the same handles as mine, you can also use table or chair legs as an alternative.

– Ball of Yarn
– Scissor


1. Tie the yarn on top of the left handle.
2. Then wrap it to right handle all the way to the bottom and repeat 25 times. By the way, you can do more than 25 times to make it more fluffy.
3. After your last round, cut the yarn and tie it to the end of the string I used in Step 1.

4. Start tying the yarn with at least 1 inch from the left handle. The knot I used for tying is just a basic knot or overhead knot. Be sure to tighten them. If you use the same yarn I used, you don’t have to worry about breaking them. It’s very sturdy. Be careful though on tightening too hard… you might slice your hand with the thread.
5. Continue tying between 1 inch spacing or intervals. Don’t worry if it’s not an exactly 1 inch, you will trim them later anyway.

6. I knotted twice on this side same as the left side. If you think there is still space for tying, then tie it. Make no waste. You want to make as many as you can.
7. You’re almost done tying. Look for too much spacing, maybe you can still make a tie.

8. Remove the yarn/thread from the kitchen cabinet handles by cutting it. Cut it in between the ties.
9. Then cut also the yarn where you first tied it (Step 1).
10. Continue working on the table, then start cutting them all. Cut them in the middle of each knot.
11. Take a piece and press in the middle or the knot part.

12. Start cutting both sides in a circumference angle.
13. Press flat the top and bottom of the pom pom.
14. They should look like a color wheel when pressed.
15. Start trimming around it.
16. Fluff until you get the desired fluffiness.

That’s it! Hope you like it and have fun guys!

Watch the video:

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