Glass Decoration with Mod Podge and Nail Polish

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At first, I wasn’t really sure what to do with this glass. I have outlined some ideas and gathered all the supplies. My initial paints were not nail polish. They were actually puffy paints. I love them too. The reason I love them because they are also durable on jars or glasses. The thing is, they don’t dry out fast. Maybe 2-4 hours depending on the thickness of the application. I wanted this project to last for years. But, I don’t want to wait long hours for drying time. Then, I thought of my nail polish. I have plenty of them that I never get a chance to use.

So that is how it started.

This is very easy. To summarize the process…

  • Start with a thin coat of mod podge all over the glass. Wait for it to dry. Then, dot the glass with solid nail polish first and dry. Use the glitter nail polish for the next application. Brush all around the glass. Dry again. Then apply a top coat which is the final coat to seal everything. That’s it, you got a lovely decorative glass!


glass decoration supplies

Step 1. Use the brush to apply a thin coat of mod podge around the glass. Do a top to bottom stroke without stopping in the middle to avoid lumpy lines.

Step 2. Let it dry. It will take around 5-10 minutes or do a light tap of your finger to make sure it is completely dry.

glass decoration steps 1-2

Step 3. Dot the glass using the solid colors nail polish first. The spacing is up to you.

Step 4. Let it dry for at least 3-5 minutes. Extend more time when in doubt.

glass decoration steps 3-4

Step 5. Use the glitter nail polish next.  Brush/coat the glass. I recommend downward strokes. It’s also more convenient.

Step 6. Dry completely. It should take 4 – 7 minutes or, and again… extend more time when in doubt.

glass decoration steps 5-6

Step 7. Top a thin coat of mod podge around the glass to seal all application. Apply carefully and avoid lumpy lines. Dry for about 10 minutes.

glass decoration step 7

The lens cannot give justice to the beauty of this thing. I’m so happy and pleased with the result. I feel the textures, but they’re smooth. In fact, I can’t stop caressing this glass. Ha!

glass decoration mod podge nail polish

Although I used the dishwasher-safe formula, I haven’t dishwashed it yet. I only made this for display purposes. But, I did wash them already. Many times! Still a beauty up to this day!

If you’re going to make this for dishwares, feel free to share your experience. Suggestions are welcome. Happy crafting!

Watch the video:

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