Handbag Decoration With Seed Beads

Hi girls! Do you have plenty of bags? Do you use all of them? If not, you can donate them or you can decorate them. But you need to use bags that are plain and have no decoration on one side. If you’re fond of revamping outdated fashion items, then why not give this a try? Afterall, there’s no harm in being creative, right?

I am fond of making jewelry too. So, that mean’s I got plenty of seed beads. I’ve got extra beads and have no plan on using them for jewelry, so I am finding a way to reuse them. There are so many ways to revamp fashion. Let’s begin with very simple and easy.

You will only need 3 supplies. That means, there’s no need to spend on expensive supplies.


  • Fabric bond
  • Seed beads, your favorite color
  • Plain handbags


  1. Use the tip of the fabric bond to write or draw any figures of your choice. Be creative.
  2. Sprinkle seed beads on top of the drawing. Dry for an hour or two. If the bond is thick, you might have to adjust the drying time. Be sure to dry it completely to avoid the beads from falling off.

That’s it! Easy peasy. Happy crafting!

Watch the video:

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