Heart Painted Canvas String Purse

Hey guys. Since Valentine’s Day is coming, today’s DIY tutorial is purse with hearts. There is no better gift than handmade. So, if you know someone who will appreciate handmade, you might want to try making this one.

Supplies for this project:
– Canvas bag-on-a-string (black)
– Cutout heart paper
– 3D Fabric paint (bright yellow, bright green and bright red colors)
– Sizes #2 and #8 paint brush
– Foam/paper plate


1. Place the cutout heart paper in a slanted direction on the front of the purse. Use the #2 brush and red paint to outline the heart.
2. Remove the cutout heart paper when you finished outlining/drawing the heart.
3. Cut a small heart from the used one. Cut at least a quarter in size. Then place it inside the big outlined heart and repeat Step 1.
4. Make or outline 8 hearts using the same small cutout heart paper.
5. Take the #8 brush and start painting inside the 4 hearts using the bright green paint.
6. Then paint the remaining 4 hearts with bright yellow paint.

7. Fill in the big heart with dots using the #2 brush. Use all 3 colors.
8. When you’re done and you’re not satisfied with the colors, you can always do another coat to make the colors pop out. I did it on this one and I’m happy with the result.

Dry for 24 hours. Wash after 72 hours.

So there you have it. Enjoy and happy crafting!

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