How to Make a Homemade Toy Parachute

This is something you can quickly make while bored at home or babysitting. A perfect active game for kids to play indoor or outdoor. I’m sure you have plastic bags lying around in the house. Use one or two of those depending on how many kids are playing. You can even make this for party giveaways. A little bit of upgrading of the materials will surely make the parachute presentable for gifting.

This diy project doesn’t cost a thing if you recycle and most of all, it will not take a lot of your time. Maybe a minute or two.


  • Plastic bag or clear cellophane
  • Strings or thread strands
  • Lightweight toy or object

1. Cut the plastic into a square. No need for a ruler. Fold it into four and you should know if it’s a square or trim if it is uneven.
2. Cut four 12 inches of strings.
3. Single tie the four corners of the plastic.
4. Gather all four corners by holding them together. Use your index and thumb fingers to hold and slide on the thread and tie all the strands about 6 inches from the end corners where it was threaded. Leave an inch or two at the end of the strands.
5. Tie the lightweight toy or object at the end of the strands.

If you want the parachute to fly down slowly, you must use a very lightweight toy as a handle.

This is not suitable for little children who are not aware of choking hazard or suffocating safety. Requires adult supervision.

Watch the video:

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