How To Make A Simple Bow With No Sewing

Hello, everyone. Today’s project is a very easy ribbon bow. You can use them on almost anything as hair accessories, clothes, and craft embellishment. Little girls love them because they are cute. And they are actually easy to make especially the one I’m showing you in the video tutorial below. You could make dozens of these in an hour!


  • Metallic ribbon, with or without wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Threaded needle
  • Scissor
  • Ruler

1. Cut the desired length. I’m cutting 11 inches with this one.
2. Remove the wires from each side.
3. Apply glue at least half an inch in one end and connect it to the other end.
4. Press to stick together and leave it to dry.
5. Use the ruler to measure the center of the glued part of the ribbon.
6. Hold tight on the middle, fold it partial half and fold again in a separate direction. Do not let go.
7. Use the threaded needle to prick through the middle of the bow and tie around it.
8. Cut a half-inch of ribbon from the same roll and remove the wires from both sides.
9. Glue it around the center to cover the stitch area.

You can also use a different kind of ribbon. You can attach this to anything; like hair clips, headband, clothing, apparel, crafts and more. Use a hot glue gun to attach securely.

Be careful when using the glue gun. It’s really hot and could burn your skin when in contact. Also, when using a glitter ribbon, avoid touching your face, scratching your eyes or stay away from food.

Watch the video:

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