How to Make a Waterfall with Hot Glue Gun

Making this waterfall is fun and can be addictive. You can place this anywhere around the house and feel refreshed just by looking at it. If you are planning to display the waterfall outdoor, you can use a glass or acrylic platform instead of the plywood.


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1. Draw a shape on the light blue cardstock.
2. Fill the shape with hot glue. Do it in a whirlpool motion. Let it cool down.
3. Cut the shape when the glue is completely dry.
4. Apply hot glue at the back the paper then place it onto the plywood.
5. Glue the rocks around the shape.
6. On one side of the shape, stack up or layer the rocks until you’re satisfied with the height.
7. Make a cascade or waterfall by running the hot glue from the top of the rocks to the bottom.

8. Cut some small parts of plastic flowers.
9. Apply glue on the bottom of the plastic plants and stick some of them at the back of the rocks of the waterfall.
10. Add more plants in front of the waterfall. Decorate as many as you desire.
11. Squirt a little amount of light blue puffy paint on a piece of paper.
12. Apply light paints onto the waterfalls and you’re done.

I hope you come back for my next project because I will be making a different one.

If you want to see the making in action, watch the video below.

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