How To Make Handmade Earring Cards For Packing

Hello fellow Crafters! What kind of craft do you make? Do you sell handmade jewelry? How do you package earrings for shipping? Do you use jewelry boxes, pouch or small Ziploc bags? I have something to share that is really easy and I’m sure you will enjoy doing this.

I learned to package like this for earrings when I always run out of boxes and pouches. Besides, it costs a lot of money buying earring boxes or jewelry pouches for earrings that costs less than $10 and you end up losing profit. After all, you’re selling handmade…why not make it all handmade, right? A lot of handmade jewelry buyers appreciate handmade packaging too!

– Acid-free Cardstock (color of your choice)
– Clear/Transparent self-sealing bag(s). I used 4×6 inches for this earring.
– Scissor
– Needle. I suggest putting a thread on the needle so you’ll be able to see it right away if you misplaced it.

Step 1. Poke two holes on the cardstock using the needle. You can either align the holes or do the same method I used.
Step 2. Insert the earring hooks in the holes.

Step 3. Place the Cardstock inside the clear self-sealing bag. The earrings should face on the sealer side of the clear bag.
Step 4. Fold the self-sealing bag to seal. Always seal the self-sealing bag on the back part of the Cardstock and earring.

That’s it! Isn’t it neat? Remember, you can also personalize handmade earring cards.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial by commenting below.

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