How To Thread a Spiral Notebook

Removing the spring on your notebook and threading it could save a lot of space in your handbag. It is also easy to organize or stack up without those spring on. Aside from that, it totally looks good especially when you’re in a mood to be creative. Jazz up your notebook according to the colors and decoration you want on it. This is great for students. Do this with your circle of friends or classmates and have fun revamping your notebooks.

Who used to do this? I was one of the students who used to sew/thread my notebooks because they are just easy to grab in and out from my handbag. This was a trend back in the day with my classmates. Some has colorful ones and some just accessorized their notebooks too much. Those were the days.

Anyway… let’s do this.


  • Notebook with spring
  • Yarn (any color, match the length of the notebook, then triple the size of the yarn)
  • 2 pieces pom poms, any color
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissor

1. Remove the spring from the notebook.
2. Straighten 3-4 inches of the spring, bend it back and forth until it’s cut.
3. Fold the spring and leave a hole for the yarn to pass through. Slide the yarn through the hole. Twist the spring a little bit so it will fit through the notebook holes.

4. Thread the notebook starting on the backside. Start from the top part of the notebook and thread the holes alternately going to the bottom.
5. Go back to the top. Start at the bottom hole in the front and continue threading them alternately until you reached the top, meeting the starting yarn.

6. Do an overhand knot on the top to secure the thread. Repeat at least 5 times to create a short rope. End tie it with a double overhand knot. Cut the excess yarn.
7. Drop a glue using the glue gun on the center of the pom pom and place the tip of the yarn on it. Be careful because the glue is hot. Then, drop a glue again on top of the first pom pom and yarn (7a), and place the second pom pom on the top (7b).

You can choose not to put pom poms on the tip of the yarn. It looks better too. You can also make the yarn longer and use it as a bookmark.

The spring/wire is hard, you can use a wire cutter to avoid hurting your fingers. Be careful also when using the glue gun because it is hot.

I hope you like this tutorial? Feel free to ask questions or suggestions on the comment section below.

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