No Sew Tshirt Sleeve Headband

Transform your old t-shirt into a fashion headband. This is so easy, simple and inexpensive DIY fashion accessory. It is made from an old t-shirt sleeve. If you want to use a not-so-old t-shirt, then that is fine too.

You can make a bunch of these with different colors and styles or put different embellishments. Just be creative and you will never run out of ideas.


  • Plain t-shirt (I used extra large 50/50 poly/cotton)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Your favorite embellishments (I used flower buttons)


  1. Cut the sleeve.
  2. Trim both edges according to your width preference and turn reverse inside out.
  3. Fold half an inch on both edges and apply glue.
  4. Turn reverse. Glue the embellishments on top of the headband. After that, you should be done.


Take extra precaution when using the hot glue gun. It is very hot. Before grabbing the glued part, make sure to lightly tap it with your finger to make sure you can tolerate the temperature.

That’s it! See you on the next project. Happy creating!

Watch the video:

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