Popsicle Stick Boomerang

Today’s DIY is a popsicle stick boomerang. It has tri-blade/wings and it flies really good. If you want to sweat and get a little bit of exercise, you have to play this outdoors because it is more fun. Although I was not a good catcher, at least I tried to play this. Both kids and adults love to play boomerang, but it takes practice to make this more satisfying. This would be a great game for kids at the park. So, let’s do this.


popsicle stick boomerang supplies

1. Attach each end with glue. Make sure all the wings angle measures 9.5 inches. The glue does not dry right away, which means, you can still move the sticks to make sure they are equal in spacing.
2. Let it dry for 30 minutes to an hour. While drying, you can put a paperweight on top or clamp them together so the sticks adhere well.
3. Draw short, disconnected wavy lines or any shape on the sticks. Start with the red sharpie on both edges of each stick and blue sharpie in the middle. Repeat on the other side.

popsicle stick boomerang steps 1-3 TINK

You can also draw or write something else instead of just writing wavy lines. Feel free to customize your boomerang. It’s easy and fun.

Please take precautions while playing. This is a flying object when thrown and it can hit back anywhere in your body especially on your face or eyes. This can also break easily when too much force is applied when catching.

If you made this and wants to share your work and experience, leave a comment below. I’d be happy also to post your photos (with your permission) on my social media accounts. Happy catching!

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