Puffy Paint Decorated Sunglasses

Today’s DIY is very simple. I will be revamping an old sunglasses of mine using neon colors puffy paint. It’s a perfect time to do this because it is summer and I can also use this when going to the beach.

Puffy paint can be used on both porous and nonporous surfaces. It is also permanent and sturdy after it dries. So, if you make a mistake, be sure to wipe it off right away while it is wet.


  • 1 Plain Sunglasses, new or used
  • Puffy paints, any color (I used neon orange, neon yellow and neon green)

puffy paint painted sunglasses supplies

I painted this sunglasses using random colors on the edges of the frames including the hardware of the sunglasses using dots and lines pattern. You can customize the sunglasses appearance according to your liking. But, don’t paint the center of the glasses because it will obviously block your vision. It will be uncomfortable and dangerous when you wear the sunglasses.

puffy paint painted sunglasses 1

It’s done! So easy, right?

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